Suckler cow husbandry

Natura-Beef refers to the meat of 10-month-old calves raised in suckler cow husbandry. Beef cattle breeds guarantee excellent quality beef. The label programme is characterized by comprehensive regulations governing the keeping and feeding of cattle in order to produce meat in an animal-friendly fashion, close to nature.

Natural animal husbandry

Both in the byre and on the pasture the calves are reared by their mothers’ side. Free-range husbandry with summer pasture and winter outdoor runs, as well as straw bedding, are obligatory. The animals graze on meadow and pasture land. The calves remain with their mother until the slaughter at the age of about 10 months.

Natural feeding

The feed consists mainly of the suckler cow’s milk, with the later addition of grass, hay and cereal flakes. The use of growth-enhancing additives, animal proteins, soya, palm oil or fat and genetically modified animal feed is prohibited.

Guaranteed Natura-Beef

Natura-Beef is a label programme of Beef Cattle Switzerland. Production centres are regularly inspected by beef control or the Swiss animal welfare association. Both production and marketing are subject to strict controls.


By means of a certificate, Beef Cattle Swiss guarantees that Natura-Beef standards have been met for each individual animal with respect to age, provenance, keeping and feed.


Natura beef is also available under the label of organic Natura-Beef-Bio. In addition, Natura-Beef-Bio is subject to the requirements of the Knospen-bestimmungen («bud» regulations) of Bio Suisse.


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