Gourmet meat

SwissPrimGourmet stands for top-class Swiss gourmet beef and pork. In addition to stringent quality requirements regarding the meat, the label programme is characterized by animal-friendly husbandry, natural feed and 100% traceability. In this way the label programme meets the high expectations of consumers with respect to quality, livestock farming conditions and ecology. In order to be able to guarantee meat of an excellent quality, SwissPrimGourmet focuses on special breeds.

Natural animal husbandry and feed

The animals are kept in animal-friendly cowsheds and enjoy regular access to outside runs. The feed is balanced. In the case of cattle it consists mainly of grass and hay. The use of growth-enhancing additives is prohibited.

Guaranteed SwissPrimGourmet

SwissPrimGourmet is a label of Beef Cattle Switzerland. Farms are regularly inspected by beef control. Both production and marketing are subject to strict controls.

Tierpass (animal passport)

By means of an animal passport Beef Cattle Switzerland guarantees adherence to SwissPrimBeef standards for each individual animal with respect to origin, traceability, keeping and feed. The origin of the meat can be verified on the internet. The number of the individual animal’s passport is noted on every SwissPrimGourmet product.

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