Suckler cow husbandry

Natura-Veal stands for veal from suckler cow husbandry. This type of veal production is unique in Switzerland and the whole world. In order to meet the strict requirements, the meat has to be pink to “calf-red” in colour, and have a fine-grained texture. The beef cattle breeds guarantee excellent quality beef. For the purposes of producing meat in an animal-friendly fashion, close to nature, comprehensive regulations governing the keeping and feeding of the animals are laid down for this label programme.

Natural animal husbandry

The calves are reared by their mothers’ side and have daily access to an outside run. The animals graze on meadow and pasture land. At about 5 months of age the calves are slaughtered immediately after being weaned from their mothers.

Natural feeding

The feed consists mainly of the suckler cow’s milk, with the later addition of grass, hay and cereal flakes. The use of growth-enhancing additives, animal proteins, soya, palm oil or fat and genetically modified animal feed is prohibited.

Guaranteed Natura-Veal

Natura-Veal is a label programme of Beef Cattle Switzerland. Production centres are regularly inspected by beef control or the Swiss animal welfare association. Both production and marketing are subject to strict controls.


By means of a certificate Beef Cattle Switzerland guarantees that Natura-Veal standards have been met for each individual animal with respect to age, provenance, keeping and feeding.

Meat from grass

“ Meat from grass“ – Switzerland is a green country. The maintenance and use of meadowland for suckler cow husbandry is sustainable and conserves resources. The calf drinks the mother’s milk. Like the mother cow it also feeds mainly on grass and hay.
Unlike humans, cows can exploit grass and hay as a food resource because they are ruminants and have a unique digestive system. Grass and hay are thus turned into milk and meat, valuable foodstuffs, giving rise to hardly any competition for food with humans. Raising animals in the suckler cow herd is a natural form of animal husbandry which creates optimum conditions for the well-being and health of the animals. The cows live together with their calves and usually one bull in a family community, both on the pasture and in the cowshed.

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