Mutterkuh Schweiz

Mutterkuh Schweiz

Mutterkuh Schweiz

Mutterkuh Schweiz

Meat from suckler cow husbandry


Natura-Beef is meat from 10-month-old calves raised in suckler cow herds. Meat cattle breeds guarantee excellent beef quality. The label program stipules comprehensive husbandry and feeding regulations and stands for nature-oriented and animal-friendly meat production.

Natural Husbandry

Calves stay together with their mothers in the barn and on pastures. Free run areas on summer pastures and outdoor runs during winter time are mandatory. There is an extensive use of meadows and pastures by the animals. Directly after being weaned, calves are slaughtered at the age of 10 months.

Natural Feeding

Feeding predominantly consists of suckler cows’ milk, with grass and hay later on. No growth-enhancing additives, animal proteins or fats and genetically modified feedstuffs may be used.

Natura-Beef Guaranteed

Natura-Beef is a label program of Suckler Cow Switzerland. Farms are regularly inspected by “beef control”.

Suckler Cow Switzerland issues certificates that guarantee the compliance with Natura-Beef standards for every animal as to its age, origin, method of husbandry and feeding.

Natura-Beef is also available as organic Natura-Beef-Bio, a program that requires farmers to adhere to the “Bud” (Knospe) regulations of Bio Suisse.